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E-mail cover memo for Oct. 30, 2003 discussion document

From: Debra Blake <Debra.Blake@senate.ucsb.edu>
To: aettenberg@ltsc.ucsb.edu,
cc: gegroup@mail.lsit.ucsb.edu

Subject: [gegroup] General Education document for discussion

Date-Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 4:28 PM -0800

Provosts, Deans, Divisional Conveners, Executive Committee Chairs, GSA and AS Presidents,

Please find attached a document summarizing the results of the General Education Workgroup's deliberations to date. We are seeking feedback from the entire campus, at this point especially from the L&S departments, since they would be most affected by the proposed changes. In addition to discussing this at a department meeting, it may be helpful to seek input from your curriculum committee, faculty, staff and student peer advisors. Please feel free to share this document with anyone you wish. In particular, we ask that the convenors of the divisional chairs meetings distribute this document to all department chairs.

In order to progress to the next stage of proposal development in a timely manner, we would appreciate receiving your feedback by November 26[, 2003]. If you are unable to meet that deadline, please inform us by that date of your intent to respond, and when you expect to send us your response. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Harold Marcuse for the GE Workgroup
Debra Blake, Analyst
Council on Undergraduate Education
UCSB Academic Senate
1231 Girvetz Hall

document prepared for web by Harold Marcuse, Nov. 1, 2003
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