GE Work Group:
Agenda for 2nd Meeting, January 31, 2003

  1. Announcements, introductions [5 mins.]
  2. Approval of minutes [3 mins.]
  3. Amendments to today's agenda [2 mins.]
  4. Plan future meetings and determine who to invite to them. [40 mins.]
    Questions: can we keep this tight a schedule? Will invitees come on short notice? Will we need follow-up meetings? Should we plan for them? What specific data will we need prior to each meeting? Proposal:
    1. Feb. 7: meeting with invitees esp. from BS depts to discuss total number of units
    2. Feb. 14: discuss solutions for writing requirement
      Susan, Harold and Claudine will meet on Feb. 10 to prepare paper on options
    3. Feb. 20 (Thursday, 3:30pm, if no Leg. mtg.): open forum on ethnicity & W. Civ. req.
    4. Feb. 21: Ethnicity and W. Civ.
    5. Feb. 28: Implementation and management options
    6. Mar. 7: Final draft of proposal for UgC
  1. Determine a "cookbook" list of criteria for GE core (and special req.) courses. [40 mins.]
    Some criteria can be found on p. 8 of the May 2002 second task force report (in binder).

Marcuse's notes on the meeting; official minutes

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