Suggested agenda for 6th work group meeting, Feb. 28, 2003

draft by H. Marcuse

  1. Announcements:
    Marcuse will explain & answer at HFA chairs' meeting, March 3, noon-1pm
    issues: no. of courses, type of courses (AP, prereq., survey, content)
    Get a set of blue GE booklets
    Monday, March 10, noon-12:30/12:45: work group will meet with Soc. Sci chairs
  2. Ethnicity
    1. range of options
      i. task force proposal: broaden
      ii. leave as is
      iii. leave as is and ADD second, broader course as add-on special requirement
          -what would second course encompass? (international comparison, sexuality, )
          -APCC language: interdisciplinarity, intell. & cult. diversity, int'lization, info. tech.
      iv. leave as is and modify non-Western special req. for 2nd course
      v. create a new core area for diversity-type courses
          -discuss core vs. add-on
          -reduce where? to have total number of courses at how many?
      vi. other?
    2. Models at other schools
    3. Do we need to get data?
      sampling of transcripts vs. computer generated information
      What questions? How will the data help us?
  3. Our next meetings
    March 7 (w/o Denise and Claudine-at Riverside): Ethnicity and HFA follow-up; WRITING
    March 10: meet with SocSci dean and chairs
    March 14: Soc Sci follow-up, IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT
    April 11?: crafting a final proposal for the Legislature
  4. Open issues for divisional meetings:
    New methodological descriptions of core areas in task force report
    Departments offering courses in 2 divisions
    Number of courses overall, and in each area (reasons for reducing or reallocating)
    Type of courses in GE: AP, non-majors, LD/UD mix, writing, survey/focused
    Implications for enrollments; incentives to participate in GE (depts. vs. faculty)
    Implementation/management: resubmission, new form, web for quality control

prepared for web on 3/14/03 by H. Marcuse
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