IV School's API subgroup data

2003 API results with comparison to 2002 API base
(note that two tables down the third column has changed to 578, 866, 592.
Four more Hispanic students and 5 more socioecon. disadvantaged were included.)
This table does not include the overall API for all 344 students, namely 667 (2002 base: 629).

2003 API for IV

In order to be numerically significant (15% of school population),
there must be at least about 58 students in the subgroup (.15*386=57.9).

API change from 2002 to 2003
Thus IV's overall API grew from 629 to 667, exceeding the 9-point target by 29 points, or 29/9=322%.

2002-03 API growth for IV

2003 API results with 2004 targets, by subgroup
Not only must overall school API meet the target, but each subgroup must as well.

2003-04 API at IV

2004 API subgroup data is slated to be released on Oct. 21, 2004

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