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Links to Departmental Pages with Syllabi of GE Courses They Offer

In order to ensure a meaningful General Education curriculum, students must have information about the choices available to them among the courses they are required to take. The UCSB General Education program offers this page of links to departmental web pages offering information about their General Education courses.

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NOTE TO STUDENTS: this page links mainly to previous syllabi. They are intended for informational purposes only, to help you choose your General Education courses.
DO NOT use these syllabi to purchase course materials, as the content for any given course usually changes when that course is next offered.
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[the following policy information for departments should be placed at the bottom of this page]

  1. Location of departmental pages. The table below links to departmental web pages that provide information and syllabi for their courses that fulfill UCSB's General Education Core and Special Requirements. If the department moves their GE page, the Undergraduate Council should be informed immediately.
  2. Updating departmental pages. Each departmental GE page should contain listings of when and by whom each of their GE courses were taught, over the most recent five year period, and how many students enrolled in that offering. Summer session offerings should be included.
    • At least one recent syllabus for each course should remain available, although departments are encouraged to keep a five-year window of syllabi available for GE documentation purposes. For courses taught by more than one instructor, links to at least one syllabus from each instructor should be maintained.)
    • Departments should update their pages with syllabi of their currently taught GE courses by the fifth week of the current quarter.
    • The requirement that departments make the syllabi of their GE courses available is being phased in beginning Fall 2004, so offerings prior to this date may not be listed.
  3. Basis of requirement. The requirement that GE syllabi be made publicly available was instituted by the Undergraduate Council in May 2003 and reported to the Faculty Legislature on May 29, 2003 (see no. 4 under "guiding principles" of this 5/15/03 memo). (Link to 5/29/03 minutes on Legislature web page; see last agenda item at bottom.)
    • Monitoring. There is at present no mechanism to monitor departmental compliance with this directive. However, when a department submits a request to add one of its courses to the GE list, CUAPP may hold up their application until the department's page is brought up to date.
  4. Technical assistance. A page template and limited assistance from LSIT is available for departments that do not have the staff resources to create this page on their own.
    • Responsibility for maintaining the departmental page and the collecting the requisite syllabi rests ultimately with each department.
    • html or pdf versions of syllabi are both acceptable.
    • jump down to sample template page for history department; Black Studies and Chemistry already offer syllabi for all of their courses.

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Departments and Programs

Link to departmental GE course syllabi

GE Areas typically fulfilled


www.anth.ucsb.edu/classes/ge [current course websites] C, D, NWC

Art Studio

arts2.mat.ucsb.edu/ge.htm [only descriptions] F

Asian American Studies

www.asamst.ucsb.edu/courses/ge.php [only descriptions] D, E, G, ETH, WRT

Biological Sciences

www.lifesci.ucsb.edu/mcdb/programs/ge.html [catalog link]

Black Studies

www.blackstudies.ucsb.edu/syllabi.html#ge [already available for all courses] D, ETH, WRT

Chemistry and Biochemistry

www.chem.ucsb.edu/coursepages/ [all already available] C

Chicano Studies

www.chicst.ucsb.edu/courses/ge/ [links, but no pages] D, ETH, WRT


www.classics.ucsb.edu/courses/courses.html [some class pages] E,G,WRT


www.comm.ucsb.edu/courses_flash.htm [some syllabi] D

Comparative Literature

www.complit.ucsb.edu/courses.html G, WRT

Computer Science

www.cs.ucsb.edu/courses/ D


www.dramadance.ucsb.edu/dance%20courses.html F

Dramatic Art

www.dramadance.ucsb.edu/drama%20courses.html F

East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

www.eastasian.ucsb.edu/content/courses_main.html D, NWC

Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

see biological sciences, above;



www.econ.ucsb.edu/class_pages.html D


www.english.ucsb.edu/courses-list.asp G, WRT

Environmental Studies

www.es.ucsb.edu/curriculum_info/descriptions.php C

Film Studies


French and Italian

www.french-ital.ucsb.edu/classes/french G



Geological Sciences


Germanic, Slavic, and Semitic Studies

www.gss.ucsb.edu/CoursesUGMaster.shtml E,G

Global and International Studies


Global Peace and Security


Global Studies



[test page: enrollment spreadsheet]
test page: by Quarter-Instructor (enrollment)

History of Art and Architecture

www.arthistory.ucsb.edu/courses E, F

Interdisciplinary Studies


Islamic and Near Eastern Studies (INES)


Jewish Studies


Latin American and Iberian Studies


Law and Society




Marine Science




Media Arts and Technology


Medieval Studies


Middle Eastern Studies


Military Science (ROTC)


Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

see biological sciences, above


www.music.ucsb.edu/ (no course information)  

Natural Science Sequence

www.catalog.ucsb.edu/ls/natsci.htm (limited description)  


www.philosophy.ucsb.edu/course.htm (detailed descriptions)  



Political Science



mentor.lscf.ucsb.edu/courses/psych.html (lots of syllabi)  

Religious Studies

www.religion.ucsb.edu/pages/undergrad.html (no course info)  

Renaissance Studies




Spanish and Portuguese


Speech and Hearing Sciences


Statistics and Applied Probability


Women's Studies


Women, Culture, and Development Studies


Writing Program


Additional Links

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