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NOTE TO STUDENTS: this page links mainly to previous syllabi. They are intended for informational purposes only, to help you choose your General Education courses.
DO NOT use these syllabi to purchase course materials, as the content for any given course usually changes when that course is next offered.
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Here is room for a departmental narrative about GE courses. It might discuss which courses are designed for which types of students, and emphasize courses the department wishes to highlight for GE enrollments.
E.g.: "The History department prides itself on its History 4 series courses, which offer an overview of the History of Western Civilization from the ancient world to the present. Although required of all history majors, this series is designed for students of all disciplines. Each course in the series is offered three times per year. In 2002 the department introduced the History 2 series, a course sequence similarly broad in chronological scope, but viewing history, including the history of 'the West,' from a global perspective. Our History 17 series is very popular with students of all disciplines..."

Note about this sample page: Where I didn't have enrollment data, I simply entered the classroom instead.

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fulfills GE requirements
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QTR-Instructor (enrollment)
Hist 2A, 2AH: World History E-1, WRT F03-Cline (102)
Hist 2B, 2BH: World History E-1, WRT W04-Roberts (108)
Hist 2C, 2CH: World History E-1, WRT S02-Spickard
S03-Marcuse (109)

S04-Bergstrom (102)
Hist 4a, 4ah: Western Civilization E-1, WRT F03-Lee (IV-1)
F03-Drake (IV-1)
W04-Orozco (275)
Hist 4b, 4bh: Western Civilization E-1, WRT
W04-Farmer (IV-1)
W04-McGee (Music LLCH)
S04-Helfferich (341)
Hist 4c, 4ch: Western Civilization E-1, WRT S00-Marcuse (208)
F03-Moure (281)
S04-Edgar (IV-1)
S04-Kelly (IV-1)
Hist 7: Issues History of Public Policy   F03-Bergstrom (Buch 1940)
Hist 8: Intro Hist Latin America E2, WRT W04-Mendez
Hist 17A: The American People AMH, D, WRT F03-Glickstein (Chem 1179)
Hist 17B: The American People AMH, D, WRT W04-Harris (IV-1)
S04-Jacobsen (IV-1)
Hist 17C: The American People AMH, D, WRT F03-Kalman (Campbell)
S04-Lichtenstein (Campbell)
Hist 45: Islamic & Near Eastern History (=INES 45) E, NWC F03-xx (Phelps 1260)
Hist 46: Survey of Middle Eastern History E, NWC S04-Gallagher (54)
Hist 49A: Africa E-2, NWC, WRT F03-Miescher (47)
Hist 49B: Africa E-2, NWC, WRT W04-Miescher (44)
80: East Asian Civilization E2, NWC,WRT F03-Fogel (IV-2)
82: Korean Culture & Society D, NWC F03-? (HSSB 1173)
87: Japanese HIstory thru Art E, NWC, WRT F03-Roberts (Psych 1802)
105: The Atomic Age    



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