Historically oppressed Queer, Gender, and/or Ethnic Identities and Communities.

(abbreviated as QGE requirement)

Student General Education Proposal DRAFT
Oct. 24, 2003

Miguel Lopez and Brandon Marich, AS representatives

Extensive revisions performed in consultation with Denise Segura, Chair of Undergraduate Council

A course within this requirement takes as a method of study a comprehensive examination of the lives, experiences, and representations of historically oppressed queer, gender, and/or ethnic identities and communities; their families, their cultures and sub-cultures, their histories, institutions, languages, and literature; their economics and politics, and their complex relations to the cultures and experiences of a heterosexual majority. The intent of this requirement is to analyze queer identities within the context of their relation to oppressed social classes, race-ethnicities, and genders.

"Gender refers to a system of socially constructed meanings typically assigned to biological characteristics that distinguish males and females.   Gender does not mean simply the cultural appropriation of biological sexual differences, however, inasmuch as sexual difference is itself a fundamental--and scientifically contested--construction.  As part of a stratification system, gender ranks men above women of the same race and class.  Both 'sex' and 'gender' are woven of multiple, asymmetrical strands of difference, charged with multifaceted dramatic narratives of domination and struggle."
Source:  Donna Haraway in Judith Lorber, 1997, "'Night to his Day': The Social Construction of Gender," in Feminist Frontiers IV, edited by Laural Richardson, Verta Taylor and Nancy Whittier. New York: McGraw-Hill. 

Women’s studies alone leaves out a significant group that falls within traditionally oppressed gender identities, mainly transgender and androgynous identities.

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